Gong Haiyan start on the road with three defeats the former Helen of Troy has become cannon fodder

with 91 foreign teachers were eventually acquired 51Talk, the founder of Gong Haiyan road in the Internet business suffered a losing streak. The Internet circle "Helen of Troy", and re The Legendary Swordsman chance


"failure is the mother of success", convinced the people in difficulty always Yuecuoyueyong, keep on fighting, to look forward to go to the end point of victory. However, in some cases, "success" for "mother" dystocia and stillbirth. As for the "certain circumstances" refers to the reason, the small feel that in addition to timing, luck, I am afraid that more human factors. With 91 foreign teachers were eventually acquired 51Talk, fighting and repeated by Gong Haiyan eventually lost out online education. The Internet circle "Helen of Troy", and re The Legendary Swordsman chance


from the "matchmaker" change "godmother", clear behind the helpless

December 2012, Gong Haiyan resigned from the post of Jiayuan CEO and announced two venture — the establishment of 91 teacher network. Although she has repeatedly said he is active to opt out of business, then Jiayuan sluggish performance, stock prices is an indisputable fact, the leader Gong Haiyan natural to blame. In the face of long-term competition with competitors, the high cost of marketing, business model into the bottleneck and other issues, Gong Haiyan failed to come up with any effective way to crack the dilemma. Although she has been trying to introduce fresh blood to re activate the team, but a number of executives have left, but the people scattered.

signs, whether it is actually not fired by the board of directors, to rejuvenation of the resignation of Gong Haiyan is bound to happen. In fact, she has been facing pressure from all walks of life, Jiayuan internal early in 2007 had the collective resignation of Gong Haiyan tried to drive out the event, even organized a special anti Gong Haiyan group. On the eve of Jiayuan listed in the U.S., she was indicted, almost let IPO become the "bloody massacre". In second days to resign quickly announced a new venture, dare Ganpin Gong Haiyan might have to resign.

graduate founded Jiayuan during the reading of Gong Haiyan from a completely do not understand the Internet arts girls to "the first network matchmaker", and eventually led the company on Nasdaq, the heyday of the market share of nearly half. For these eight years, Gong Haiyan’s personal evaluation is in the field of dating dating, I have done the peak". In the past glory behind, we also can see that she ignored the lack of management – system construction and management by the rule of man, and even relatives as management positions; self born because of the success of the very few people can be a long time working with her executives constantly leaving is outstanding performance.

Gong Haiyan actually lost his own resignation, and re start, seemingly unrestrained actually full of frustration. For Gong Haiyan, "Helen of Troy" Jiayuan is her "Tomb"; here, she not only gained the brilliant success also.

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