How to do fine cigarette marketing

if it is a general cigarette, the public should be very familiar with, but if it is a new breed of cigarette market, that is, fine cigarettes, many people will feel very strange. For thin cigarettes, some consumers will inevitably have a certain cognitive bias in the business should be particularly important to pay attention to. Shop for more than a year, I find out a set of cigarette marketing methods, in order to stand out from the same grade cigarette shop.

first, create a propaganda atmosphere, change the wrong ideas. The best way to sell a product to a customer is to focus on it. In my shop experience, many consumers still believe that thin cigarettes is a woman smoke. In view of this, I put the tobacco companies to provide a detailed description of the smoke and promotional materials and samples. There are customers to patronize, I will take the initiative to distribute brochures to introduce the origin of fine cigarettes, raw materials, technology, taste, price, from the concept to correct the deviation.

secondly, update the cigarette display, display fine smoke style. As far as possible to reduce the fine cigarettes with the same price of the old brand placed in parallel to a large number of varieties, the characteristics of fine shape to ensure the attractiveness of fine cigarettes.

again, free tasting new products to promote bilateral exchanges. Customers tend to be accustomed to the purchase of the old brand, but for the fine cigarettes will be curious, so I will seize this point, they are free to examine fine cigarettes, the old and new comparison.

finally, supply and marketing ledger statistics, data support marketing. The fine cigarette sales statistics, it is conducive to determine its sales trends, and then adjust the purchase and inventory. Through data support to ensure that the monthly marketing profit and marketing fine cigarettes, and ultimately enhance the level of profitability.

how to do a good job in sales, which naturally requires us to do a good job of a variety of preconditions, so as to make the product sales become more confident. So, if you are the owner of a retail store, ready to sell cigarettes, then, do you know how to do a good job marketing?


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