How to put the novelty shop selling things to sell

many of my friends have had a stall experience, but some earn a lot, there are a lot of money but not lose money, in fact, there are many reasons for this inside, some because of lots not, either because there is no skills, some are not persevere. Today, we say that the skills of the stall, I put the children’s toy stalls as an example.

In fact, there are a lot of

, toy stalls on the street, I usually look at, but I put stall, began to carefully observe. This look, let me find a lot of problems in their booth, put the toy belongs to the public goods, or is the quality is poor. I can’t make money if I want to put up a stall.

my colleagues and I also talked about the idea of my parents, they are very supportive, but at the same time, they tell me, must choose good toys, otherwise, people rely on what the things you buy? I think it makes sense, so I spent a lot of time on the Internet to search for some new toys, but also really find me a lot.

the first purchase, worth out of said toy is a flying bird, automatically, a color light flight gyroscope. Introduce it, this automatic flying bird is what I see on the Internet, I do not know the specific principle, as long as the hanging on a stick, hand struck its wings, it will always be around, flapping its wings to fly. The colorful flying gyro is made of a column with a screw, which is thrown into the air, and with the rotation, the gyro will send out colorful light, and then slowly decline.


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