How to improve the level of financial operation in Zhengzhou

in the development of the region, the relevant financial enterprises have a pivotal role. Effectively improve the operation level of local financial enterprises, will be conducive to further promote the development of local economy. So, how to improve the level of financial operation in Zhengzhou? The following and small series of specific understanding.

6 27, a period of three days to enhance the level of financial operations, to prevent regional financial risks, financial training in Zhengzhou start. Through training activities, in order to improve the financial management personnel, the level of financial investment and financing platform and operation of key enterprises responsible person, promote the innovation and development of Zhengzhou’s financial industry, and enhance the ability of financial services in the real economy.

according to the Zhengzhou municipal finance office director Hao Wei introduced, 12th Five-Year, Zhengzhou city finance to increase the value of the average annual growth of 15%, increase the value of the financial sector in 2015 amounted to 66 billion 600 million yuan, ranked second in the surrounding nine capital; the city’s social financing scale year by year a new high, reaching 249 billion 200 million yuan in 2015, six central capital city second, whether it is in the added value tax, create or provide financial support, the Zhengzhou financial industry has played an increasingly important role, the status of the pillar industry of the financial industry to further consolidate and enhance.

the training, Zhengzhou City financial training courses covering topics of the new board, capital strategy, insurance, financial data, county economy, financing and other issues, teachers from CDB, the Finance Office of the provincial government and other financial institutions as well as from Guotai Junan, leadership, Hongkong central capital, insurance, gold power line struggle in the field of financial institutions, the accumulation of key leaders and rich financial experience.

with the downward pressure on the economy, along with the financial product innovation, the traditional industry financing more difficult, financial institutions also reflect the increased risk, non-performing rate rising, financial difficulties increased. Adapt to the new economic norm, the relevant person in charge of the enterprise has a more comprehensive financial knowledge and a higher level of financial operations.

according to the Henan provincial government finance office deputy director Li Shuancheng introduction, training activities by the provincial finance office jointly provincial cities, provincial governing county, the financial supervision department, the provincial financial enterprises and other related units, invite financial experts and financial executives, founded by instructors, about half of the time, in the province’s 18 provincial cities 10, county (city) to carry out financial operations, enhance the level of regional financial risk prevention and training activities.

in the development of the economy, although we often made some significant achievements, but still many problems emerged in the development, we need to constantly solve effectively, promote local economic development to further. This time, Zhengzhou to enhance the level of financial operation of the program, hoping to receive significant results in the future.

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