China’s high end mold usher in new opportunities for development

in China, mold industry started early in developed countries, and in the early stage of a long period of time, the mold industry is in the low-end products as the main, but with the gradual transformation of new opportunities, the industry has been placed in front of A. With the continuous development of related technologies in China, the development of high-end mold props gradually accelerated, and the gap between developed countries is getting smaller and smaller, still promising in the future.

data show that nearly $1 billion of imported die every year in our country in recent years, the precision largecomplex long-life die in the majority, with the support of the national independent products, imports will be gradually reduced, which has brought new development opportunities for domestic brands.

The future of China’s high efficiency NC machine tool factory in

the proportion will increase year by year, demand will increase rapidly, advanced. China’s tool industry must change the concept, to develop efficient and advanced production, attention to sales, but also to pay attention to after-sales service, innovation and strive to occupy more market share. Domestic mold must meet customer needs in terms of quality and delivery time. Related enterprises should actively change the mode of operation, the use of the   the network of innovation, speed up technological innovation, expand sales channels, tap the potential of enterprises, and actively explore the domestic and international two markets.



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