The minimum registered capital restrictions will be canceled

now, many people want to start their own business, but the difficulty is also conceivable. The day before, the minimum registered capital of the company will be limited to cancel the news caused widespread concern in the industry, also makes a lot of entrepreneurs saw the dawn of hope. According to the

this, Zhang Mao said, the society said "a dollar run the company" is a metaphor, and not the company will start no conditions, no money a company can do, the registered capital of only one of the basic the conditions need to have set up and maintain the company’s basic operations also need some capital, so companies do not spend is virtually impossible, office space and staff to.

the registration system of paid up registered capital subscribed to the registration system, the shareholders of the capital contribution of time contribution and other self regulation, and recorded in the articles of association of the company, shareholders have no time delivery according to the provisions of the investment, according to the law and the company that Zhang Chengcheng bear civil liability, if not in accordance with the agreed delivery investment, pay sufficient investment of shareholders and the company itself can pursue the responsibility of the shareholders.


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