Suning 25 anniversary announced that it will enter the field of youth entrepreneurship support

this year, Alibaba, Tencent, SOHO and other business giants have begun to build their own youth entrepreneurship platform, Suning also unwilling to lag behind. Recently, Suning released on their own business party gift, invite young entrepreneurs.

26 evening, a birthday party Su Ning, held on the campus of the Nanjing University, the site also invited students and young entrepreneurs to participate in. The outside world is looking forward to youth declaration, Suning youth entrepreneurship program, officially unveiled at the meeting.

site sent 500 copies of 100 thousand yuan venture fund invited young entrepreneurs

"entrepreneurship is a lifelong occupation, every transition is a new venture." As early as 2013, Zhang Jindong expressed his views in the speech at Stanford University. At that time, he sent an invitation to Standford’s students, I hope they will work together with suning. 26, the conference site, Suning once again sent invitations to young people. To encourage entrepreneurship, hidden under the seat of 500 yuan worth of $100 thousand venture capital fund invitation.

in the host’s reminder, invited to participate in the conference of young people, have leaned over to find their seats have hidden invitations. Soon, the scene a lot of people waving the invitation.

3 billion start-up funds + business mentor Suning create a passenger space

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