Hebei province nternet plus innovation and entrepreneurship competition launched

today’s society is a business oriented society, especially in the background of the new era, the Internet business has become a social trend, especially the "Internet plus" has become a popular form of entrepreneurship.

the contest registration deadline for August 31, 2015, the teams need to sign the "national student business services network (http://s.cy.ncss.org.cn) registration. Contest set up honorary certificates and prizes, including the first prize of 5, the other two prizes, such as the award of the 15, three, and so on, the first prize of the 10. First prize 10000 yuan, the prize money of $5000, such as the three prize bonus of $1000, $two. Our province will also be allocated in accordance with the provisions of the education sector, the award-winning team from the top of the award to participate in the Ministry of education sponsored the first China Internet + college students innovation and entrepreneurship contest.

entries required to the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and other new generation of information technology and industry closely, have to cultivate new products, new services, new formats, new models based on Internet, and promote the integration of Internet and education, medical treatment, such as the depth of the community public service innovation.


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