Encourage the policy of frequent release hit multiplier effect

now entrepreneurship, innovation has been mentioned in the government work report, the state is also vigorously support entrepreneurship, the introduction of various incentives, the purpose is to encourage innovation, encourage entrepreneurship. Since this year, China adhere to the major issues oriented, new tactics, stride in the comprehensive deepening reform, with the oil for the public entrepreneurship, innovation, steady growth and preserving employment, increase efficiency of Tim force.

in "division scheme", "entrepreneurship" appeared nearly 40 times, the deployment of the work content direct current entrepreneurship difficulty. For example Small and micro businesses business problems, carry out small and micro enterprises entrepreneurship innovation demonstration base city support, venture capital, angel investment development; for universities and research institutes of professional and technical personnel by business constraints, the deployment of exploration and research institutes and institutions of professional and technical personnel in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial post the relevant policies, improve the entrepreneurial incentive technology personnel for entrepreneurship policy; the heavy burden of problem, put forward the implementation Sheqi fee list management system and feedback mechanism for reporting burden on business.

reform this year around double the deployment of practical strong, truly adhere to the problem oriented, realistically problems, real opening prescription, put forward measures. For example, in the development of public record space, put forward the public record space model incubator centralized office etc., to encourage all the actual, simplify residence registration, to take a one-stop window, online reporting, multi card Jo and other measures to provide convenience for the enterprises in the industrial and commercial registration; deepen the higher education reform. Proposed the implementation of flexible educational system, broaden students age, allowing adjustment of academic process, retain the school school of innovation and entrepreneurship; in support of migrant workers and other personnel home business, the stock of resources relying on the integrated development of migrant workers home business park, simplified venture residence (business premises) to promote the registration formalities, according to a multi site, such as registered residence cluster the reform of the registration system.

A number of reform initiatives hit


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