Site acquisition standards foreigners in the eyes of high quality web site

many people think that most of the sites to be sold are garbage sites, and we should start looking for quality websites instead of continuing to complain. Whether you agree with me or not, here are some of the features I think high quality websites should have:

1, longevity

, a web site with a history of less than 6 months, usually has no attraction for me. I prefer websites that run over 2 to 5 years.

2, steady growth of

if a site is slowly on the verge of death, I’m not interested. Many experts believe that the acquisition can be endangered sites, and then turn the tide, supporting the building in the dump. Personally, I think it’s better to buy a website that is on the rise. Although it is more expensive, it is more secure.

3, easy to maintain,

I bought a lot of websites. I think of websites as investments, not jobs. Time is very valuable to me, so I want it to be as automated and systematic as possible so that my management team can operate it more efficiently. I would like to see a monthly meeting at which it achieves the expected revenue and has no downward trend.

4, reliable data

reliable data, or evidence, is what I need. I need a clear list of website details. Site sales must have a set of website traffic, revenue, spending and other data to convince me. However, these details are often overlooked by buyers.

5, non clone site

I don’t want to buy a clone site. It’s definitely not within the scope of a purchase to clone a home page of a large web site or copy some more trendy and creative web pages directly.

6, assertive original website

The biggest drawback of many

sites is that they send the same sound. An event for others, not their own minds. Such websites are of little value. Take your voice and you’ll have your own value,


                compile: Guihu Shao


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