The real reason why the China optimization alliance website was stopped again

Chinese Alliance ( is the optimization of website optimization and search engine optimization platform for professional search optimization, convergence elite jointly Baidu optimization, a free platform sharing Baidu optimization method, but in December 8th seven pm China optimization alliance website again "blocked", causing thousands of members can not properly use Baidu optimization ranking software, website optimization express, Tel frequently into the company, the customer replied is hard room settings, can you wait until 9 in the morning China hard optimization alliance official website also failed to open, the competition of

what is the reason?

suspects that a site has been attacked by


can not let thousands of members think carefully on Friday (December 4th) the non normal online hook member, online at the same time less than 400 people suddenly in just two hours up to more than 50 thousand people, this is not abnormal said someone in the attack, verified by phone also confirmed this point, but the family members verify the site open speed is not affected in any way, to No. 5 morning at about 1 in the official website can not be opened normally, the closing time of 15 hours, it can not let you think again attacked.

speculated that two websites were banned by radio and television

recently this has seriously affected the normal healthy development of the Internet, it is also hard to exaggerate the multimedia network pornography propaganda, resulting in a lot of telecom enterprises afraid of responsibility, direct an outright, China optimization alliance is one of one of the victims, how can let electricity blocked? Careful people may be through the Chinese alliance website Ping optimization to the site of the IP is, it is not difficult to find all sites on this server, including the recent crackdown movie site and long fight against the PW site, Chinese optimization alliance which is a influenced site. This is also the reason why China’s optimization alliance can not be finally opened.

concluded that the final conclusion through the above, IDC services let us buy website space when must choose normal individuals or small, there is no guarantee of the service providers do not choose, an example of China alliance is a good optimization.

, let’s pray for this free optimization platform as soon as possible,


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