Zhou Liqing how do you want traffic to search engines

I am currently working in China Software Park – Beijing newsroom, hobby "Daoteng Daoteng" personal station, in fact in the webmaster circles I was a freshman, not worth mentioning what gimmick, no no. Into the webmaster circle in a few years, do countless stations, is still promoting the only search engine Daquan (www.geiwosou.net). As this time is going to work, can not delay too long, I simply in accordance with the theme I share this outline, to share some of your personal "tossing experience" and experience, and progress with everyone.

today’s topic does not make any sense. It says only a few small details, which may inspire you and hope to help you. If misleading, please prick it.

theme: "to search engines to flow +"

now everyone’s attention to search engines, are generally focused on keyword ranking and natural search brings traffic, and search engines themselves and the surrounding little.

1. Be open-minded about search engines and peripheral products

said the search engine is the webmaster, you have to say SEO, SEO can bring huge traffic, rely on the success of SEO website is also very much, expert and successful experience is also very much, I also learn here, keep from talking about.

in addition to SEO, there are many other methods that are very efficient for the search engine, and we should also grasp it.

as representative in the 7 big Chinese search engine: Baidu, Google is the first choice for SEO; Sogou, soso, there can be classified as word-of-mouth marketing, promotion of community choice; YAHOO and Bing can only say "no fresh meat, abandoned, tasteless, simply throw, or only as a special reference.

of course above division is not absolute, according to my own understanding of the search engine industry, the 7 largest search engine market share of about 71%, roughly as follows: Baidu Google, Sogou = 18% = 4% = 3%, soso, others are less than 1%. Among them, Baidu, Sogou, search three major Chinese local search engines, have adopted the search + community model, and several outsiders are not.

look at Baidu’s "more", there are nearly as many as 60 of the peripheral products, rejected, nothing less than the last can be used: Wikipedia, know, space, Hi, 3, Post Bar. There is also a higher level of application: news.

and then Sogou, search, etc., also in accordance with this form of formal, structured, and put it into the favorites, easy to use later.

two, to search engines to flow

has mastered the general situation of search engine, below begin to say a few actual method. In my opinion, for reference only.

1, take advantage of the community formation process

since search engines have communities, there will be users and users


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