The game both Sheng Yu Sheng Liang local website with Baidu Post Bar

local websites are fiercely competitive and each site is used to focusing on its competitors. As you know, for local sites, especially in the early development of local websites, the local Baidu post bar is also a point that can not be ignored.

, I tracked a county level Baidu post bar, which is 10 consecutive days post situation, do local stations, especially do county-level local station webmaster may wish to see:

at 10:00 on December 6th, 25439 subjects, 292148 posts,

at 10:00 on December 7th, 25494 subjects, 292789 posts,

at 10:00 on December 8th, 25551 subjects, 293432 posts,

at 10:00 on December 9th, 25597 subjects, 294202 posts,

at 10:00 on December 10th, 25649 subjects, 294955 posts,

at 10:00 on December 11th, a total of 25724 subjects, 295452 posts,

at 10:00 on December 12th, a total of 25779 subjects, 296160 posts,

at 10:00 on December 13th, a total of 25850 subjects, 296930 posts,

at 10:00 on December 14th, a total of 25885 subjects, 297330 posts,

at 10:00 on December 15th, a total of 25946 subjects, 297904 posts,

statistics: the post bar average 56 new daily themes, 640 new posts. Of course, the development of the bar is not necessarily the same everywhere, this data is for reference only. Many local websites in the early stages of development do not seem to be able to reach this point,


uses Zhou Yu and Zhu Geliang fish local websites and Baidu post bars, which are somewhat inappropriate, but they are really contradictory. Since it is a pair of contradictions, then there must be a unity of opposites between them. The local website should look for unity with the Baidu post bar in opposition.

where is the opposition,


in the early stages of development, the local website should be able to appreciate the local opposition. This opposition is very natural, the local stick of the members, posts, activities and so on, even higher than the special local sites.

of course, these are surface opposites, as well as internal opposition, that is, differences in dominance. Baidu post bar has a congenital advantage, it has a lifetime to have the advantages of local websites insurmountable.

I have investigated a lot of local webmaster, they also understand the advantages of Baidu post bar, roughly summarized the following points:

1, keywords rank first


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