Where was the goal of the stationmaster in 2008

research website for several years, IP has also been thousands of times, but also experienced again and again K station, do not ask how much you can earn, but only a primitive experience accumulated.

just started doing the station months. Feel everything is going well, the flow is also fast, do stand more than a month, IP can thousands. It was so easy to do websites at that time. Get up every day the first thing is site:www.xxxx.com, see how much Baidu included. In the evening when sleeping in 51 statistics, those key words and up, then hope, hope, Baidu can more included some pages. In fact, the beginning of the station is very serious, and insist on updating every day, while doing a few stops, and then see the increase in the number of Baidu included, traffic will increase as soon as possible, so I would like to try to update more content. Began to collect a large number of, because the content is too much, the collected articles only changed the title,. A few hours a day, hundreds of updates, gradually Baidu began to collect. Traffic is also starting to increase. But good times don’t last long, the next one or two months, the site has been K, finally, several websites have been trying to make their K. Baidu’s move has hit my confidence. Really want to that day no longer rely on Baidu to flow?.

suffered a blow of confidence and summed himself up. Still think acquisition opportunistic cause, through weeks of summary analysis, ready to roll soil never. New station, want to original and not so much original, moreover, the original flow is too slow. Although included frequency is high, but the flow is little. Open to the Internet, some webmaster said, collection of things. To modify the content, the number of words in bulk replacement, Baidu will also think it is original. So, with a lucky heart, and began to collect. After all, save time and energy. Gradually it worked out, and IP began to increase. Up to 50 thousand IP/ days at most. The IP lasted 3 months, and it was K again, and the continual setback made me feel that I should give up my personal website and whether I should find another way out,


the arrival of 2008, they say that there are plenty of opportunities for the Olympic year, my own years of experience website founded www.echue.cn, the main construction sites in Chengdu, began service to the construction site in Chengdu the small and medium-sized enterprises, they do not always stand successfully, it will help those companies sell products do stand. To help them succeed. It took one or two months of preparation, the studio set up, he is mainly engaged in the art program, not OK, fortunately in the network in the mix of the past few years, met a lot of artists, some have become good friends, no matter big station station can help a. Although I didn’t succeed in doing the stand, I got a lot of experience and thought it was enough.

webmaster, in 2008, can you stand still? Personal website to success requires a long distance, such as the life of the bully, then this goal is too small. I hope all the webmaster can stand at a height to do the website, can do well, insist on doing it all the time


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