WeChat domain name arbitration revelation entrepreneurs how to hold your weixin com

December 1, 2015, Tencent Inc filed a complaint to the Asian domain name dispute resolution center Hongkong Secretariat on weixin.com, the central ruling in January 29, 2016 to transfer the domain name to Tencent Inc. February 16, 2016 Beijing Haidian court official said micro-blog, now Beijing is approaching weixin.com domain name holder Network Technology Co. Ltd. Mr. Lee sued for confirmation and have the right to use the domain name, the Haidian court has accepted the case.


this kind of domain name case many complaints, such as Mengniu telunsu of (telunsu.com), for the Alibaba of haitao.com. In the case of the defendant Wang telunsu in the disputed domain name has been registered as commercial use, and published the "Deluxe" trademark transfer on the web, and Mengniu constitute unfair competition; and in the case of Haitao Alibaba and there is no sufficient evidence to prove that the haitao.com of the disputed domain name rights, the defendant has no malicious registration and the use of the domain name dispute, the final against the Alibaba.



where is the special and controversial case of WeChat


Weixin is a special case, the disputed domain name registration time is 2000, the WeChat Weixin registration time is in 2011, but the disputed domain name registration period change several times, the last change in June 2015, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization rules (WIPO Overview 3.7) domain name registration update as new registered domain name in Asia Dispute Resolution Center ruled according to this rule, such disputes of domain name registration time into June 2015.


domain name has been registered for 00 years, WeChat came out in the past 11 years, only to be bought in the past year, WeChat has been in the past four years where?

2012, WeChat launched a web version of the interface, had opened two domain next.qq.com, after being rejected, switch to weixin.qq.com.


in 2013, for the internationalization of Tencent, spend millions of dollars to buy WeChat English wechat.com and built a station, the domain name has officially become the WeChat overseas version of the official website, the user can choose the language, such as Japanese and English, but Chinese or simplified jump to weixin.qq.com.

2015, with the full flowering of WeChat features and the application of hot, weixin.com is clearly more in line with the current hundreds of millions of users, especially in the mainland, and this time

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