Talk about the feeling of being a station for a few months

webmaster history, who will understand, think only oneself know. In this I have to speak out, his own sad history say. For two months I do stand, do the station is nine to five, do stand often get up at midnight. Do webmaster dream before about work, become webmaster, but dream of the site. Before it became the owners after the first thing is cough what breakfast. The first thing to do is to analyze the rank of the website and how much IP today. The first thing to do before going home from work is to watch TV and become the webmaster. The first thing is to turn on the computer. Become a webmaster before the wife, always nagging yourself lazy, do stand after the wife will not, husband is too tired. Before becoming a webmaster occasionally miss, do after standing immediately sleep.


is back and forth, is to compare. Do grassroots webmaster difficult, hard to pay, much better than others. Every day like a machine like repeat life, website included reduce and increase, ranking repeated, affecting my daily mood. Now we can really understand the "standing" is not simple. I do stand for only two months, and have a website, I came into contact with many experts, hand too many stations, don’t know how they come, really hit the heart of their clothing, whether it is as a webmaster do stand knowledge or grasp the mentality is very important. Remember the report said that many webmaster do stand and don’t because of narcissism, depressed, feel oneself also recently close the country to international intercourse, into a circle, open the IP Statistics website constantly, see sixty times an hour only, but still correct their attitude. Is a slow process to do stand, long-term care, do not be eager for nothing.

hope all stations can be successful, you can put your site to be big, the stronger station. Success requires hard work and hard work. Remember, the body is the capital of revolution. Good health is more important than anything else. It is my good wish for all the webmaster to do well on the basis of health.

suggested the webmaster can put yourself in something when the site with our webmaster chat, really not like me every day hold heart can feel good Oh! It was written off your chest.

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