Resonance author Shu Yang how to create a ten million class product through content operation

the main content of this article revolves around the changes in the market environment, how we deal with this change, and how to do the content operation.


editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public number, "operational helicopter" (ID:yunyingzhishengji), 36 krypton authorized release.

in the past work experience, I have been thinking, what are you really interested in? We found that all the time, the public and the media in the perception of a brand, all around the "story" of the imagination, reasoning or communication. Not diagrams, logic, and data. This rule is even valid in the age without words, such as ancient myths, legends and religious stories, and the simpler the stories, the better the missionary work.


The story depicts the Greeks

on pieces of pottery, pottery easily destroyed in history, but the story passed down, which proves that the story is much larger than the vitality of its media bearing.

my occupation resume right through changes in the domestic mainstream media in recent years, for example, when I was first as an advertising man, a food service business enterprise in Wuhu, called "the three squirrels". This brand was born in 2012, at the time when we do the brand communication, is an early bonus era of the Amoy brand, that’s a brand out relatively easy, an advertising channel for us to find the most powerful, then the laying of large area, the "entrance" blocked, quickly into the consumer’s mind it should be said, in the early years of the electricity supplier, is a not mature brand of blue ocean market, the positioning theory of the ad is very direct and effective mental warfare.

but in this era, the advertising based marketing methods used more and more, and the traffic became more and more expensive. So I focused on the research content and spread it.


view 1: the environment for communication has changed,

1. is extremely decentralized, we can’t control what others say about

brand, really, you can not guarantee that everyone will love you, always have on your product is not satisfactory, a few years ago, the user dissatisfaction in advertising and media era, in fact is not come, the content and the product of that era is divided. Perhaps the user in the mouth to scold, but the media received advertising fees also said that a good product, but now, a product’s reputation in the new media is very intuitive, everyone can comment on the information is completely transparent, even have the reputation data specialized, the product itself became a direct reaction to the contents of this time. In fact, what is man? Who has become a media content and media products.



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