The failures of the owners for you sincerely advice to help you succeed

really found that now I am really frustrated, absolute failure webmaster is me, I really don’t want to say this to you, but the fact is like this, in front of a computer every day busy, in addition to enhance the degree of the eye, so the young got cervical spondylosis what, I have! Sometimes I feel very painful, the greatest sorrow of life is when you have to pay after the result is absolutely empty. I really don’t want to do that,

webmaster, forever young webmaster, I don’t want to leave this group because of failure. Force yourself to calm down and think about what you’ve done these years and why you’ve never accomplished anything. In 2002 I learned to do a personal home page, in 2003 began to think of making money online, now do stand countless, but not a success, the online income and sometimes not, never able to earn 200 yuan a month on the Internet every day, busy, after dinner sit is a day in front of the computer every day.

yesterday with a webmaster chat, that its average monthly income of more than 18000 from June to the beginning of 07 years, he made a station, station in August of that year to now have the income, in addition to increasing the content of what he said he would not HTML, not to mention what like CSS, never know how to do propaganda. He just stick to update the site every day, a day to spend an hour on this site…… His words hit me too hard. I didn’t sleep well last night. I couldn’t sleep. I kept asking myself why, why?. I really very hard, tired every day, in fact, I am not afraid of hard work, but also not afraid of tired, but so many years, I got what!


this morning, I don’t like before they got up early, I deliberately lazy on the bed is not up! Even if it is so time consuming, I must calm down to think about, summarize my failures.

what do you want to do a few sites; do stand countless, but not a success, why should I ever do so much to make a station on the line, to concentrate on doing a website on the line, do a station is a station you eat enough. Why do we have so many ideas, in fact, choose which industry to do the same, the choice of an industry seriously dedicated, will be successful. I swear I won’t do any other websites without waiting for my own 10W. (now I’m a

two program from ASP website; want to replace.Net.Net to replace PHP, PHP and want to switch to JSP, the dynamic page to change again as a static page, and want to change from the Empire CMS phpcms, saw a lot of people in the dedecms and later also follow the trend, driven network forum, the change to the phpwind later, I heard discuz, changed again; now feel like a madman, I > chameleon!


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