Some thoughts about small group website brought to small and medium station

many times, we can draw interesting conclusions from a hot phenomenon that can help our website. For example, recently popular group purchase station, can give us some enlightenment and thinking, why is this pattern so easy to fire up, if your site uses the experience will increase by one level below? From several aspects to share group purchase station to enlightenment and thinking of our.

first, discover the most profitable product: it’s clear from several large group buying stations that what they are selling. The United States Mission in 33 products in 26 for service coupons, the rest of the food, and then handle network 32 in service industry are also similar to the rest of the coupons, several group purchase station. From these data, the most suitable for those who buy or those services industry, such as beauty services, even if they play in half or lower prices, the business is still profitable. For our small and medium-sized enterprises owners, you can also do service products, including virtual products is a better choice.

second, the combination of different patterns: buy model into the e-commerce + traditional media, +SNS community and other modes, is an innovation. Users see the same pattern, there will be aesthetic fatigue, and this new model is precisely to bring new ideas to users, while the price is so low, but also seize a large number of users of the "soft underbelly."". Coupled with the rapid development of the Internet and the improvement of various payment systems, group buying is operated on a variety of conditions. For small and medium-sized webmaster, we can learn from two points, first, the timing of the grasp, and two is the combination of different modes. In our website, the bold integration of different patterns, for users, for SEO, are good.

third, the Internet is not only online: the Internet and traditional industries do not touch much, this is my most profound feelings in recent years. Especially personal Adsense, as if living in a vacuum, and the emergence of group purchase mode to completely break the Internet just online concept, this mode must have strong operating personnel, to meet various business talk every day, do all kinds of operations. This gives us the inspiration for small and medium-sized webmaster is: Online + offline will be more conducive to the dissemination and survival of the site, especially for some local information ports, communities and forums even more so.

fourth, team cohesion: now the group buying network is an emerging industry, many users have not yet realized his strength, which requires great effort to operate the day’s heavy products. The daily product is like the front page headline of the newspaper. Therefore, in the product type selection, quality, and whether it meets the needs of users and other aspects of special discussion, after these identified, but also need to negotiate to the business, and then also need to edit and art to plan and implement. All links are the perfect link between teams, and if one goes wrong, then it affects the whole.

fifth, with features to stimulate the user: each buy stand, although the similarity of the page is very high, prices are surprisingly low, if you want to take off


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