On the public website

building a website must have sufficient funds as a basis, but also need to devote a lot of effort to maintain the operation of it. Only your careful care, it can thrive. But this is only "say", and it is much more difficult to really "do". Throw aside the energy invested, not only to operate and maintain the cost of the site is enough for every grassroots webmaster drink a pot. If this problem can not be solved, then this site will not last long. One can imagine, want to start a public service site is more difficult, especially in personal behavior to do, the funds this problem is more prominent. The founder should not only face the pressure of living, but also face the torture of the public and conscience.

public welfare webmaster are mostly in the spirit of a public welfare to create public service website. I can only think of a force for society, even if you take the time and money, but also very pleased, or have a little sense of achievement, feel oneself can bring help to others, is a useful person to society and others, to get comfort in spirit. (sorry, that’s what I’m doing in this case.)

however, there is very little consideration for the future operation of the website and the input of its own energy. Even simple that he is doing good for society, there must be many people love to focus on its public website, once the clicks, naturally there will be some enterprises to sponsor this website, in order to support the operation of the site. However, there is no serious reason to think about it. Although your website is good for the public, it can bring benefits to others, but you still need a process to let people know about him.

public website owners to others how to "sell" their website? How will use a way? Let everyone know this website and log on to the website will need a long time? I think these are the needs of the construction of public network individuals need to consider. Because the early promotion, not only need your enthusiasm, in the big website post, etc., may have to invest some money to do graphic advertising, to speed up everyone’s cognition of it, and finally let everyone accept it, recognize it. Because your station is public welfare, but it depends on whether the crowd is correct, and whether people are willing to accept it. And how long this will allow you to accept it, and also to consider it. Because it’s impractical to run a web site by investing alone.

for most of the initial station, they will not have too much money, a lot of knowledge on the network is not too understand. Domain name, space and pre establishment site all need to spend money, this is not high income for ordinary webmaster, how much is something to eat.

, and the emergence of these difficulties, basically, because now the public service website almost no profit model, many are sponsored by enterprises, if the enterprise does not sponsor, founder had to pay for their own maintenance. The positioning of public service websites is public welfare, and most of the webmaster do not want to make public two words


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