Two pit climbing sentiment WeChat is the infrastructure don’t try to social a needle to pierce the


note: if there is a link in this article, the background of the book will be better understood, but it doesn’t matter. I’ll sort out the core content of the book later.

A few days ago,

wrote "the true boundary of products from 0 to 1 is what?", then do social friend come to me and let me help them find their products, 0 to 1 in which, suddenly I feel I let myself out of the pit, but then think calmly, actually they told me before the mentality of some small fantasies as like as two peas, creative point to do social, and then through the point of play to the extreme, can the social do it, and they are before me, about 0 to 1 more than for the concern of humanity itself, more is to be able to find a make rapid project success, lucky to have a magic for your project.

, of course, also thank these friends pressed, plus my two years of climbing pit, also forced me to put all the underlying logic of social thinking clearly, I hope you can like me as soon as possible out of paranoia and obsession.

one, social bottom, human nature is "centralized"

This thing should be directly

social back to ancient time, in order to seek knowledge as an example, both East and West, is a top-level design rules, we are here first interested in knowledge, and then come to the most knowledgeable teachers around, and the teachers will see some good students will the promotion to seniors, and when people are unable to study below to consult the teacher, choose to consult these seniors. This example is not particularly appropriate; it is a preliminary understanding of the nature of society.

Talk about the

forum BBS, APP on the social nature of the current is BBS, will go back to the changed and unchanged, now generally talk about the rules of BBS. Firstly, the BBS community forum has a top-down rules of the game, the greatest right to speak is the administrator, the administrator can control each section of the reins, followed by the moderator, moderator can manage each user’s speech, can make top of good content. Then, the rules of the game is formed, at the beginning, he is the master of the forum administrator, through found inside the level of active users, constantly on the top quality of speech, to obtain the sense of achievement, and then according to the in-depth exchanges, select each forum moderators, then began to repeat the moderator the path, see good content in the plate below to top, and the top people will continue to the top because the content published more high-quality content, those who are top many active users and has become the version of the little red block, as we all know, following his speech will also have a lot of small Reds reply. Enjoy, everyone enjoyed the community, the community also let them find there.

administrators train moderators, moderators train small reds, small Reds constantly active, published high-quality content, these contents and then leave other users


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