New station analysis planning website suggestions

many new owners ignore the importance of the site planning, is often a hot head directly to a station, operate for a period of time that the title is not steady, then no keywords, irregular changes. The shark is suggested to have a strategy to begin to build a website, so as to continue to perform site preliminary design of the structure, and then start basic SEO optimization.

so how did the site’s original website plan need to be developed and carried out? Here are some tips for sharks:

first, the domain name and the name of the problem. The first list a few of the domain name and the name of the GG, BD and other search and you name these sites related words, see keywords ranking, competition situation, and some commonly used combinations of domain name English and digital reference, these factors to pick out a pair of relatively the best. Such things can make you determined to adhere to long-term interest, and maintain perseverance.

second, learn from each other. In the search process through the search engine related content, according to the content of the website is preliminary information about the current major search engines have included the site which, understand the content location and orientation of their website, you can organize these data as their reference station, because we should not only learn from the experience of others and learn the strengths of others, but also to set goals in some ways beyond these sites even beyond.

third, the website structure positioning. Do you have about second, 1 to 2 of your favorite web site structure, COPY down first, then according to your own ideas to modify, find your most satisfied with the structure and classification. But one must follow 2 principles: not too successful, but the popularity is also good architecture you need to think more, it certainly has his merits and strengths, if you do not think so, maybe you just did not expect or lack of ability; the other is in the specific classification, you are new, must be patient, do not blindly into the fine variety is deep, is not desirable, because someone that is already taking shape, with the strength of the.

fourth, website template style. I think many webmaster is looking for one of the most beautiful style from the official forum or website, feel the best looking style to start doing this, I can clearly tell you is very desirable, because your energy is limited, you focus on early the content should be, rather than the humanized design and beauty, and you need to put a lot of effort on the site preliminary content filled above, so your website templates and style more concise and more convenient appointment, the best use of the default style at a glance, not to change the garish, change is habit the basic settings are well in line with your own management and reading habits of OK, the more popular appointment, closer to the ordinary people to appreciate the level of

is better!

fifth, periodic rules. You need to position your content as a professional. Let people find the key when they arrive


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