Xuzhou internet conference guests wonderful speech views playback

    in stationmaster net organization, and today we visited the Xuzhou station around the country’s most prestigious Han tomb in Terracotta Army. After he ate Xuzhou local special snack: handle meat. Now go home and record some notes for yesterday’s meeting.

yesterday’s webmaster conference held very successful, the platform of the industry veterans, such as Cai Wensheng, Dong Qinfeng, Chinese army, Wang Xueji, Guo Jijun, Wang and so on, made a passionate speech. Among them, Cai Wensheng, Dong Qinfeng, the king of the picture is very good.

Cai Wensheng:

The prospects and development of

the Internet CAI boss said so much, he appeared in the personal webmaster time is over, you can rely on it alone into the daughter of the era of the past, we must set up a team, rely on the power of the team to do something. In addition, he mentioned that the development of the network should be localization, industry, fine differentiation. I’m not going to start this.

Dong Qinfeng:

is like fish brother himself said, in front of several old mostly said a lot of road, they can only talk about dry goods. But his speech was the most popular and valuable on the spot. The points he mentioned were very good:

1, as do Taobao do its own web site. Why do you say that, because Taobao is very important to communicate with their visitors, because the visit is likely to be their potential consumer customers. We do more communication, and its customers, slowly and their relationship (Language drawing king) they will slowly become our website, core users first, become our fans, so their opinions will directly promote the growth of our website. I think my own website, Yichang housing news, publishing information of the members, the equivalent of a group of friends in contact with her QQ, I put them together to get a group inside, whether they only send personal rental information, the intermediary or the release of second-hand housing information spend time and energy, and they communicate, it is natural to make yichang.la a better growth.

‘s definition of a successful website, fish understands, "if the user doesn’t go to his website for a day, then the site is a success.". So, the laggards must be a very successful website.

2, e-commerce is a very profitable way. Ma Yun also called: "do not start with e-commerce, then I’m afraid there will be no chance.". Will Liu Chang speech let us feel the electronic commerce can scarcely wait wait. I also give you an example, 08 years, I and friends made a personalized T-shirt custom e-commerce platform wwwdmzyx.cn, and now his market share is Wuhan’s second largest. And what is the total of this market: 10 million per year?.

3, team. This is the point that Cai boss has told us, because we do most of the websites


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