Talking about user classification and its characteristics from LOGO design station


different industry websites have different user groups, and each user group can be divided into different types of users according to its characteristics. Today, from the LOGO design station, to consumer characteristics, to talk about the classification of user groups and their characteristics. Do a good job of throwing a brick to attract jade, I hope you can help yourself to marketing your website.

free user

features: large amount of users, low conversion rate, rich demand resources, the most loyal user base, the main source of opinion

for the network industry, because a lot of things can be replicated, can be modeled, cost free, free users are the most massive user base, their requirements are obvious, that is, the need for free resources. Like the LOGO design industry, they need LOGO tutorials, LOGO material, and free LOGO production. But because of the low conversion rate of users, they occupy most of the bandwidth and are easily abandoned by most enterprise websites. In fact, this type of user is the best way to spread the marketing of the site, there is a sentence called "eat people short mouth, short hand", you pay to the user, in the appropriate circumstances, are for you to spread independently. On the other hand, this kind of user is also the most important source of opinion of the website. It is not easy for commercial users to do a one-time transaction, and may not do it well. He will not spend it directly next time. But most of the free groups are high rate of return, will continue to improve the views of the site, so that your site is better. For example, the famous forum program, PHPWIND and DISCUZ, which does not rely on the views of free users to constantly update?.

personal consumer

features: user volume, conversion rate, demanding, diverse, consumption span of

LOGO design industry also belongs to the webmaster industry, personal Adsense is the main force. But personal Adsense, income is diversified, the highest income with minimum income day difference, in the three digit everywhere. Therefore, in terms of consumption, the cost of Ken is also very large span. It is different from enterprise users, individual users do not need to report to anyone, all with their own subjective, practical, cost-effective to think on their own benchmark. On demand, it becomes harsh to diversity; each has his own standards, and each has his own needs. As the largest group of consumers, we should seize these types of users, and generally need to develop a variety of standards, a variety of marketing methods, a variety of packages to cater to such users.

enterprise user

features: low user volume, high conversion rate, high requirements, high consumption, demand credibility, case is professional,

enterprise users are undoubtedly the most web sites want to obtain users, because companies are willing to spend money, not rely on low prices to win, and more is the ability to determine orders. However, enterprise users generally require higher, first of all, the credibility of your site, >


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