New station 1 days included in the successful experience to share with you

Hello, I am a shrimp, I am not good at writing, it is also the first time to write articles. In fact, not what is to introduce myself included from the station to the site to do now about IP100, some successful experience, some of these may actually master me this is what success, but for me it should be the best time, because before done a few stations are not up to now more than half a year only about 200IP!

I’ve summed up my experience. Most of the websites I’ve done before are done by others. There are millions of records in search engines, there is no fresh content, although occasionally write something original, but a lot of content inside the Internet is also have, there is a site outside the chain within the chain too little, almost no website keywords is not clear, because at that time just want to do some keywords, this does not go on the go with this idea, which finally led to key words do not have.

after several months of learning, and finally on the day before yesterday, that is, No. 11 will be done by their own station, this time I choose the game station of this type, for the following reasons:

first, I often pay attention to Baidu keyword index, and then search, so do stand before choosing an index of relatively high keywords, but to do this keyword still can’t be too much.

second, the selected site type, if not novel, it must be hot.

third, I have a certain understanding of the website, their content can be original, because now the search is caused by love original things, especially for the new station if it is estimated that not included in your article! Novice webmaster must pay attention to Oh!

chooses the type of site, then the production process, and now most of the site is generated using DIV+CSS+ static structure to do this, because it is more like the search engine! Of course, I also like to choose, I choose DEDECMS and with some of the DIV+CSS template, when the HTML code label with search engine is more sensitive to include key words such as H1, H2, H3, STRONG, I used to believe, and included in the site keywords ranking must be related!

and then the site is ready to choose the key words to do, and here to remind you, keywords do not do too much, otherwise, one can not go up. There are usually 2,


is the next priority among priorities, that is the chain and chain, before I have seen a lot of SEO master to write the article, everyone agreed that the chain is the focus of your website, so I find a lot of well-known sites blogs and forums as my chain release station, like Sina TOM, Baidu, and the world community, there are a lot of links and so on, also really don’t say I published an article in the Sina blog a few hours after being Google% >


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