On the core competence of domestic community from the predicament of community mechanism


know whether has become a forum? "," knowledge and Baidu know what is the difference? "," what is the essential difference between knowing and Li Yi it? "," in positioning for high-end social Q & a community "zhihu.com such new questions, always let the users have a deep. Feel offended, they said also often take a disdain and contempt:" this problem some more, there is really no difference."

actually, at least two have a clear distinction, that is that in the know in the guide: "know some places like Wikipedia (Wikipedia), is a common community members can edit. For example, questions, topics, questions, descriptions, topics, etc., each member of the community can modify them more accurately and appropriately, and contribute to the community.". That is, problems raised by users can be modified by other users.

, which has produced a lot of controversy lately. A new user raises a question: "my boyfriend will come to Beijing, the current estimate we have a 99% chance to live, I should do what preparation?", meant boyfriend cohabitation coming from the field, need to be ready for what life, but was changed to "other users and boyfriend cohabitation should I do what kind of preparation?", resulting in a large number of answer rapid guide for sex guidelines, such as "anti burglar shot ready!", "with a set of buy toilet paper to enjoy the climax." even worse: "who wants to marry a sustained are others exercise years girl?". Question the problems after being changed back to other users several revisions, the questioner finally unbearable, put out a final issue out: "know now more and more boring, those who change other people’s problems, really disappointing. Quit, and never know again. Don’t you know there are people who are equally angry?".

the question has been answered by a large number of senior users: "take it off, don’t send it."." And the problem was quickly modified by other users: "how do you see the public editing capabilities?", "whether the user has the right to modify other people’s problems", once again deviated from the original intention of the problem. Subsequently, a "malicious user" protest action to continue the escalation of the incident, he used "in his own way to repay the person" in the way directly to the issue of supplementary notes wrote:"… One problem, we change to change, as long as they think that than the question of people to change the smart, you can come to reveal a small hand, such as I add this. Is that suitable?…" Subsequently, many users involved in the revision and debate, and some senior users bounce back: "know whether or not to reject low-end users?"". Finally, the "malicious user" in the ensuing debate was reported by many people, the administrator blocked accounts, the incident ended.

knows about the foreign social quiz community Quora.com in the country


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