How do start a novel station from 0

, my novel started planning at the beginning of this year. In the last year, a friend made a novel stand, the flow is good, straight I heart!!!


first, a significant point of the domain name, according to the SEO standard is the first one to optimize the domain name, this is directly related to your website in Baidu keyword home location, very lucky, in the novel age, domain name speculation hot time to find a suitable domain name is very difficult after a few days, we selected the pairing, a novel station can also be! The domain name

! Ha ha!

the second step is to find a good novel source, there are many novels on the network source, Jackie, (the station specific source, but the SEO is very good (Vinci), the source code for the user experience is not rich engine friendly) how to do?? it is more garbage source code! Reverse thinking chose Vinci, why, Jackie too many people to use this software. Baidu’s love K copy of the source, the worst is the new cloud last year, basically the whole net new cloud all stations to K. Like!!!!!!!! although Vinci! But this is not conducive to the engine, I can complete with its own technical strength to optimize it, absolutely no problem is a genuine look to the 3000 yuan a, I do syncope rob, then go online to find the D version, that actually can not find, then find a paper Internal staff, he also gave us a private sale to break 600 yuan, after the price not less, TMD too hard, I don’t eat your sample. The TAO, then decided to use the free version, modify a stunt, they grieve! After in a state. The free version of ~~~~~~

third step change template, we look at the official template which test, a look on the offensive, a Baidu ` ` ` ` included too little syncope! Or he is not suitable for Baidu to describe! So big axe!!!!!!! The internal connection, a header tail surgery after their feel very satisfied with the fundamental law which originally is to clean up the TD format style, full use of DIV+CSS, this way is the most friendly Baidu (complete with years of experience and money) heart,

fourth, has completed the previous work basically, the main task is arduous, collection content, basically a novel station to real activity is to have the original, but in the original before you must have a certain capacity, which will find some good web site a large collection of content, a it began to appear, I calculated with Vinci’s own collection procedures, but soon found, is not the acquisition of two to IP. There is no letter of acquisition, the junk.Net source code, it is a long time. Some melancholy finally found the collector on the Internet > shut off


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