nternet my life is a road of no return

that summer vacation, my sister and I packed up, and grandfather and a group of people on the way to visit relatives, very excited mood. The car galloped for hours and finally arrived at the bustling city of Jinjiang. Uncle home, I lived in the countryside for 10 years, I have seen the most beautiful house, can only be seen in the TV on air conditioning, computers, notebooks, advanced sofas, big fish tank…… Have everything that one expects to find。

first contact the computer, that is, the time to see that machine, the heart is itching, and senior figures used, and even dare not touch. By chance, saw my uncle there began to look at things out of order, the brightly coloured (now known, that is, stock) for a long time, my uncle, browse the web, forget that time is to see what website, just the news, no other, more cattle B, the original computer can also be placed listen to the movie CD. Now think, at that time, really BC one.

two months of summer vacation, all the past, I also should go back to school, I hate. Go back and have no computer. Every day in school is thinking about vacations…… God help me, too, after a short while, next to the school opened an Internet cafe, which is full of computers. On a Sunday, pockets of 10 dollars, entered the Internet bar. I asked the price, 10 dollars enough to do card, alas, said nothing, directly to do a card, rushed back to the dorm to take the money, took 5 dollars out of thought can be 2 hours, 2 hours should be long enough for me to play.

God gave me a little joke, the film can not find the computer ah, can not see the news ah, only to open a thing to listen to music, now think it is the browser, music website homepage, do not understand the other website, do not understand the typing, the boss teaches for a long time, just know ya ya, this is what the original computer typing with Pinyin (the intelligence ABC)……. Make a fool of yourself, after N times, 2 hours have arrived, leave.

as soon as I got back to school, the cows began to blow. I knew how to play computer, understand typing, and listen to songs on the computer…… In this way, about 3 to 5 hours a week. Sunday takes up the longest. One semester is over.

began again one semester, and the passion for going to the Internet was even stronger…… The boss gave me a QQ number to teach me to use. One night, I added a woman who did not know how many years old. When he typed, it was red, super cow, I shouted inside the Internet cafe, I was too cow, plus a master, and even chat with me when typing is red show. (now think about it, you were an idiot). Since QQ, almost all of the time spent on QQ chat, super cattle, you can chat with 10 people at the same time.

Shortly after the

QQ login is not up, when the input password, login time requires you to fill out some information (now I know that is password protected), there is a "email address", I will fill our home.


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