ndividual stationmaster asks Alibaba 20 websites to be faced with copyright accusation strictly

I am

net station, November 25th issued a entitled "27" grassroots entrepreneurial experience start on the road most real article, now in Baidu search, a bunch of out of this, but about the source of behoove, and the author, and the last section, some sites in different degree tamper off, which made me very angry.

in the last paragraph is: "good, want to talk a lot, not to say, the first 10 from the" 10 "personal webmaster network business can not be ignored is the Internet to see, behind the 17 is what to write, hoping to pay sincere webmaster friends, QQ:397251430 long net station first please indicate the source."

inside their written content is real and personal experience for more experience with time and the actual verification work out of the experience, written in the form of share their experience of their own, or leave your contact information, I hope to make like-minded friends of the webmaster friends, also is deleted the last paragraph "for me is very important, for my personal website promotion and site visit group training is to play a large role, the content is not to write their way to advertise your website, such as malicious was cut off, with good to go, this is the mob.

according to the "People’s Republic of China copyright law" second (2001 dressing) chapter second section twenty-second the provisions of the first paragraph: appreciation for personal study, research or use of a published work of others, but other rights to be specified by the author’s name, the name of the work, and shall not infringe the copyright in accordance with this Law enjoy. The original article is for exchange learning, can be copied, reprinted, but in the actual process, seriously violated the author’s right to sign, modify, and protect the integrity of the work.

Why would

denounce the Alibaba,


in November 30th, when I search on Baidu in the title, the first did not respect the original rights encountered, tampering with the original site of the source is reproduced from the Alibaba, ranked second, in the Google search in the same site ranking in the first infringement. In some other many suspected infringement site much of it coming from the Alibaba reproduced, but the infringement is more bad, in the whole process, is not responsible for the behavior of the Alibaba played a great guide for infringement.

will be the last paragraph, is the original author of the highly respected, since the choice of the reprint articles, it is certainly the article complies with the selection standard, also reached a certain level, because the Alibaba itself is the image of the company, the contents of the audit will not light the rate, but the author relates to the last a deleted, leaving only the essence of the other I am very puzzling, is that content can be with the website and on the grade, the author think the grade is too low? Or leave these will affect your site image? Is also reproduced, the authority of iResearch, will end.


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