From a webmaster to the electricity supplier operation director sad course

in 2010, when I was a student, started the business with a friend on the Internet together, a website built a science and technology. At that time, so I was assigned to do network promotion, imperceptibly, access to the SEO industry, when the industry is still quite the fire, many of the forum had a large number of individual owners, but also the achievements of many people, 28 push, push, A5 Adsense nets, the laggards, such as SEOWHY (although I did not contact the SEO for a long time, but these sites still clearly remember). Think this is a very good, not only can learn technology, but also make money? SEO after being hooked on, began to learn SEO, what to do outside the chain, the station link, 301, 404 are cooked can be cooked. Since then, you have also built several websites, and the ranking of keywords and traffic are very good, I think in this area to further study, it will bring very good income.

but as a man of words, I see a trend, many people are working alone at home, with fewer people, and all the people inside the network, so, in order to change this, I decided to go out to work, without knowing it at the end of 2011, I left the school from more than a year’s time, to an interview or to the network marketing manager’s identity to interview. I remember a company that asked me to interview the SEO Commissioner, who was close to where I used to live, so I went for a try. An interview, the manager told me about SEO knowledge and practices, and then turn down, basically not what problem, the other began to ask me how I feel at that time, wages, there is no open less, said 3000 yuan, did not expect the manager, saying, here, SEO specialist can only give 1000 yuan!!! "Oh, brother, you are in Guangzhou? Guangzhou minimum wage standard is 1350 yuan, you said 1000 yuan is not obvious a crime?" I talk to him on the spot with this tone, said after he didn’t answer immediately. Leave. That day, I found out from my heart, SEO is so people look down on.

after a few days, went to another company, do cosmetics, with the director and talk about the good, it did not say, gave 3500, plus your SEO with the station but also a little income, add up to every month to have about 6000 of income and there to do down. Get in touch with some new people.

the company works of cosmetics, of course also do other business, then I is mainly to help them optimize several websites and released some soft, like work, "cosmetics" and "oil" the keyword search volume is very large, a few months time, the several main keywords are sit up, traffic is also very rich, but found a problem, Baidu is always not >


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