2013 topic how to correctly promote the site rankings included through the SEO

today to share with you how to correct the SEO optimization of the site rankings included substantive promotion, before A5 published two articles, namely: "on the effect of" keywords to the weights of the website SEOer on the net and "novice Webmaster Station Management and optimization, improvement" included and rankings, also believe that many webmaster have seen today, write this article, but also the time to share my feelings and opinions with you.

hot dog network, this topic is: how to properly through the SEO optimization, the site will be substantially improved? Here are 2 keywords,


1, correct SEO optimization,

2, the site substantially enhance

believes that many webmasters are faced with such confusion:

1, Baidu snapshot will not update

2, Baidu weight ups and downs

3, keywords ranking queen mother, or no ranking

4, Baidu only included the home page, and still expired home page

these problems, hot dog network also encountered, but this may not be a good thing, we can calm down to analyze where the problem, so as to accumulate more experience about the seo.

first SEO, SEO network hot dog movie heaven, just a beautiful dream, not absolute, in fact Baidu has never put forward the concept of Baidu weight, we just wishful thinking way of self comfort.

well, well, every day we are so hard to update your own website, why Baidu is not willing to give up, why not! This one can not find the reason of the


for example, the movie website, why many people in search of the film, it is not the result of some of the large, but some irregular movie station? Such as energy-saving, now renamed as the hot dog, I absolutely believe that he did not take the registration network audio-visual license 10 million but still Baidu! He so friendly, where is the reason! In with his website’s optimization and external optimization.

a better person, coupled with a better social circle, then this person will do everything smooth sailing, the site is the same, but this is not beyond the


beyond, must know which place, such as height, then we desperately long well, if his chain, then the chain we have more than him, if he is outside the chain of high quality, so we will be more than his


in this way, Baidu in a round comparison, who scored the most, will be more up front.

said, "original, I think it’s not a good way. Who will be free from the pain of the egg, to N articles every day?"


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