Local portal analysis report a there is no market for local doors

China throughout the Internet industry, the regional comprehensive portal website many successful cases, but most of them are based on newspapers, television and other traditional media resources, the newspaper group investment, very few companies invested by telecom background. There are few exceptions to the top regional portal websites, which are based on news content as their core competitiveness, because of the strong news resources advantages behind them and their habitual thinking. Shandong several major portals Dazhong, Shandong news network, Shun net, peninsula network, Qingdao news network, Braun network, founded a long time, high visibility, strength. It’s not easy for a new Internet media like Laiwu to win out in such a competitive market.

, is there a market for integrated portals in Shandong,


, 1 separatist warlords, the most serious market competition, qingdao. Shandong province public network, Shun net, Shandong news network news, peninsula and other major comprehensive portal, there are a lot of real estate, cars and other vertical portals, coupled with the small number of cities and counties in the portal site, on the dazzling. However, the strength of several portals are basically focused on the two Ji’nan and Qingdao two markets, so in Ji’nan and Qingdao competition is even more intense. In addition, these mainstream website development ideas similar, content homogenization serious, led to today’s warlords separatist situation, and did not appear dominant oligopoly.

2, the market prospects, Qingdao is a blue ocean. Shandong has a huge population base, strong economic strength, and accumulated thousands of years of Qilu cultural resources, these are established in Shandong province network media than other regions of the inherent advantages. Such a vast market has not been adequately developed, this is due to the current urban economic separation and development gap in Shandong, a large number of network media resources concentrated in Ji’nan and Qingdao. Newspapers and TV stations at the provincial level have mostly become Ji’nan Qingdao newspapers or Ji’nan Qingdao TV stations, especially for Ji’nan. Now, the county level unit has basically become a media blank area. It can not meet the Qingdao economic backward regions outside the market demand, but the growth of Internet users the fastest most area is precisely these backward areas. Thus, the formation of new Internet demand and content supply contradictions, which is precisely the opportunity for new media development.

3, talent shortage, development lags behind. China’s Internet talent, especially high-end talent, mostly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou region, Ji’nan, although the IT industry is more developed, intensive colleges and universities, but there is not enough Internet professionals. In the Internet, such a rapid development of high-tech industries, the number of talent, the height of thinking determines the quality of the development of enterprises. This may also be an important reason behind the development of the Internet in Shandong.

to sum up, at present, Shandong’s market growth is rapid, the original mainstream website development lags behind, like Laiwu words such new Internet media has a very good development opportunity.

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