The four major barriers to entrepreneurship do not die is dead

in the business jungle, entrepreneurship is like an adventure to explore the unknown, walking in the ground will be split at any time, this is a bundle of destiny gambling.

capital flows so that entrepreneurship has become a key word in the new era, but in the past year, all entrepreneurs have experienced a return to the capital market roller coaster.

June 12, 2015, the Shanghai composite index climbed to 5178 points, and then began to slump. Data show that from June 15th to August 26th, 52 trading days, the stock index plunged 40.31%, Shenzhen Component Index fell 45.30%, small board gem fell 44.35%, down 51.53%, A shares of the total market value evaporated over 30 trillion yuan.

fear and alarm quickly spread to the primary market. The orange IT data show that as of December 31, 2015, IT company Orange curry a total of 989 companies in the "off" state, accounted for 4.5% of the total, the company added 83 more than in 2014. The average survival time was 32 months, e-commerce, local life, SNS social networks, cultural and recreational sports has become the hardest hit areas.

melon seeds used car selling network chairman Yang Haoyong, for example, he is now doing the work, like a flight state for the aircraft engine. The 58 home CEO Chen Xiaohua said, boil this word, suitable for the O2O market, the company of 99%, everyone in the boil."

this is not for entrepreneurs to pour cold water, not to catch the eye and exaggeration. Policy direction, business model, team building, market strength…… Too many barriers need to be crossed, too many choices need to face, there is no one boil optimistic attitude, the company may fall at any time.

boil, not stop to wander, not the face of the unknown helpless. It is more like a trough, tolerance and preparation, before the outbreak of brewing and planning.

in the selection process in 2016 sixteenth stars of the future, we interviewed dozens of entrepreneurs and investors, they are the industry or the unicorn, or in the market to build a competitive barriers too high to be reached. But they are the most valuable wealth, not entrepreneurial hero aura, but they experienced hardships and trained in one pass through the wisdom.

mark a: policy judgment

policy is often the best entrepreneurial hotbed.

The surface of

, the "double wave" policy is a be in full swing, but the system is complicated and difficult to deal with, many places in support of entrepreneurship is also stay in the slogan. For entrepreneurs, policy support means business opportunities, the first step is likely to win the market. But this is not always the case. When the new technology, the new model of the impact on the traditional pattern, regulatory policy changes and adjustments, the entrepreneur is a double-edged sword.

in 2015 the government work report, put forward Internet plus action plan, make.

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