Chinese stationmaster wants to learn to go out come in please

"go out and come in" is more used in Chinese sports, especially non dominant sports. But what I want to say today is that the Chinese webmaster must go out, please come in,


a lot of A5 friends found me yesterday, exchanging experience and learning from each other. I felt this very good ah, can exchange is not very good? And some Adsense A5 talk for nearly 2 hours, the line on the notebook, the heart suddenly feel every day of life is completely cannot do without the Internet, even friends, do online with IM software to communicate and spend nearly 16-17 hours on the Internet every day, even on weekends and holidays, only occasionally go out, can be said that life is the Internet, the Internet is life.

however, the disadvantages come. 70 after 80 we belong to the owners of these and rising 90 webmasters constantly fought on the net at the same time, whether have ignored the interpersonal communication between? Many webmaster and I mentioned that sometimes do stand is very confused, do not know how to do, a lot of problems, procedures, optimization, promotion. Marketing, etc.. More people put forward, no one to guide, no one to communicate. Even if there is communication, it is just a perfunctory attitude, and a "practice is the sole criterion for testing truth" will send those who really ask for doubts webmaster friends. That’s why you can’t walk out. Please don’t come in.

may be China with a long history and the present situation of it, China webmaster by geographical and time constraints, are not willing to share with you the real practice of things, is not willing to share their success or failure of the practical experience, the majority of owners to others in the door also restricted myself. Do stand up and want to rely on a person to do, in this land does not result in blossom everywhere, already is not feasible, only to meet some people, how to communicate with others, communicate those touches the deepest things, is likely to open all the webmaster of the heart, and not limited to online communication the same line to exchange station Party, exchanges, seminars, salon, tea, etc.. These are all good, take more, more exchanges, learn their true knowledge at the same time, also can find like-minded friends, start to stand more handy, because your heart is open, not closed, no longer boring, no longer be overwhelmed by the difficulties to go out, no longer confused, please those who can help you the webmaster friends into your life in your world, is also a process of your heart to share and exchange, only experienced the most people overlook the process, you will grasp yourself successfully. Remember, don’t neglect every little detail that will make you successful. Just come in and be so simple, even if you’re just going out.

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