Admin5 small companies such as word of mouth marketing is the propagation speed is a very powerful

Admin5 small, your mother wants you to go home to eat


as shown in the following picture:

has been hanging on the Internet today, to eat the evening meal, is the webmaster online to see some updated article today! Is the idle time, a friend gave me a Q, I opened a look, is a connection, what are not! Do I dare not open at all. Until recently QQ does not know how to engage in, a lot of the user’s password is old junk information by people, what to point from there, what ferry what! Is very depressed, I also dare not so, but after that, buddy directly to a "non – small, your mother wants you to eat the moon cake!!!!! Look, suddenly came in, this is a very attractive subject, two is his friend would not believe phishing sites, don’t lie! Haha, finally in the above situation is


said this, everybody is very clear! In fact, this enterprise website like it was, compared to some sites, with the theme of Mid Autumn Festival, the scope of word-of-mouth marketing such slowly expand efforts is very powerful! Maybe some people will say, this is only the corporate website that is a lot of users via instant messaging friends, colleagues, classmates and so on a lot of people of every hue to pass, but it is not the key of most enterprise website user groups do not ah, did not achieve our desired effect? Think about it, this is a very serious problem, the problem did not reach! The effect, just some howling head, reputation, in fact the internal effect is not good! But we can’t kill a stick a good idea, a good guess Law, we can think about it. What’s the advantage of doing the website in this way?

carefully calculate benefits or a lot of exposure, do not say, IP light hits is very severe, with the flow into money is very good, can also increase the number of external money for the enterprise! These benefits, I think this website at the beginning of the early founders want a good, this is a much of the job, what a good thing ah! Oh, go deep inside to see if more manufacturing fog, here small not to mention the name of the site, we believe that according to me, and I would know that before this thing, all know the website is this! Is an extension of the business enterprise website blog occupation like


, as shown in figure

lists more, see figure a lot, if one can make people tired slowly, it seems that this plan is perfect! This reputation, that is not very powerful! Don’t know what you see in? Hey, have laughed at the statements of a school, but also hope industry veteran forgive me the network marketing! I QQ senior group now basically fill up fast, hope to have hope that the exchange of marketing fastfast to join Group No. 91399155 is. Group aim is network marketing >


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