Core value of website operation

often receives the news of friends, how to do a website,


there are a lot of traditional investors think the Internet is a worthwhile investment in the emerging industry, has a hot head rushed in after the discovery, traditional industry, if not, then lose, or can the rest point of land sold, the total can do what feeling. But the Internet industry, it seriously how much is for burning is not clear, what’s going on, hundreds of thousands of no, don’t tell when you can make money.

therefore, to operate a website, a short sesame, it is recommended that the majority of business owners should consider a few issues,.

1: core competencies


site must have the core competitiveness, although all know that eventually a station was established in order to make money. But how much will have a direction. After all, there are 5.8 million Web sites, more than 8000 sites various sectors, if there is no bright spot, facing only death.

in the case of Baidu, Baidu’s acquisition of all kinds of love website, because he is the core of the search, he faced a "market. Tencent, the plate to do so much, he is the core of QQ, based on the expansion of the client market. Ali is the core of e-commerce. Then, when doing a website that is to know what you want to do, you compared with other sites, what are the advantages of.

now this is best done, such as 12306, Beijing’s online registration website, B2C and other medicine. By virtue of market monopoly, do their own core competitiveness, of course, we may not have such advantages, but there are still many places worth learning.

two: target user

to consider our target customers, and adhere to. Now many site owners do later, will be gradually lost. In the forum as an example, many webmaster forum forum classification, tend to be big and full, covering all major industries. Wish all netizens gathered across the network to do so can be implemented here. Is very limited, because our money and resources in all aspects, do not allow us to do so.

don’t be too conceited, in fact, do a web site more vertical, target users more directly, it is easy to expand, because you know the go to the promotion, advertising. entertainment, the military, even Tencent, you should make your target users divided into grassroots students (QQ (micro-blog) (space) white-collar friends network in three main directions:.


three: healthy ecosphere

happy network has created a miracle of the Internet, the number of online once even scared Tencent. But now the happy net, just a bankrupt website. Why the front will have such a big gap? Because the happy net can not really retain users, they don’t have a healthy ecosystem. Not let users long time left the reason.


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