Game website operation promotion old tricks and new tricks

online games, have created a product of Internet is the earliest and most rapid profit model, such as the long fee, free access to the sale of equipment, business cards and so on, and also spawned a number of big money Internet Co, the Internet Co has still a big number, the cash flow crashed. For example, NetEase, Shanda, Tencent. In this process, the role of the game site can not be ignored. A lot of online game company also is in the construction of the website, operation and promotion, spent a lot of real money. But now, the game site is in the right and left, not a person, not on the gap.

The challenge of

game website operation

game site can be roughly divided into three kinds, one is a single game website, such as on-line in a large-scale online games, agents or developers, the introduction of the corresponding website, such as NetEase World of Warcraft agent. Can be page tour, you can also end tour, revenue comes from the players recharge. One is the platform game website, for example, 37 play, 4399, daily games, a large number of games for the collection and classification, focusing on small games, mobile games and page tour, open play. Revenue comes from game operators. Another category is the game information platform, including major portals launched game sub station, such as online games, games, Tencent, etc., emphasis on the acquisition of game information, as well as communication between players. Its income is naturally advertising.

but at the moment, whatever type of site is, it faces a challenge. For single game sites, the challenge is the rise of mobile phone games and the transfer of players. The platform game sites, they are the most suitable in the mobile phone, but has not found a suitable way and opportunity. For game information sites, the decline of large game Raiders, leading to the scarcity of original themes, only through a number of beautiful pictures or title of the party, to attract a momentary eye. Where should I go online,


game website operation old recruit

before mobile applications have not become a climate, the operation of the game site still has traces to follow, in operation and promotion, roughly follow the following two ideas:

is the first round of search optimization operations. Many hot war games, released soon, and even before the release, have been adapted for online games, and apart from being able to attract eyeballs, there is another reason for the benefit of search optimization. This kind of movie is searched a lot of times, if website operator is optimized appropriately, can import a large number of player from search engine. According to this kind of thinking, the operation is more the website of individual game. The game website for the search of contribution can not be ignored, the game makers have for many years in the Baidu search advertising with the top five industries.

second revolves around image advertising. In addition to the search for advertising on the auction, the information portal station, video client, video site and advertising alliance, etc. are also Games >


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