How do do hundreds of daily traffic on the web site for a week

This is just some superficial

novice veteran please fly directly over the wise remark of an experienced person. I think a lot of friends in see my article title after may sneer at, not just hundreds of flow, what good show, yes, hundreds of traffic is not too much. But for a novice like me, has been very satisfied, the development of the site is to have a process, from quantitative change to qualitative change process. We have to do is site traffic soared steadily, not a freak, a huge flow of dumpster! From the beginning of our goal is to build a local forum Cangzhou gold website, 0317cangzhou. The bear in each of the Cangzhou people. Talk a lot, now we have is how to put the site on the line less than a week for hundreds of traffic to share with everyone, that is, in these traffic sources is mostly from the local, that is our target customers, I is really very pleased!

After the

website construction is successful, the first thing we should do is to enrich the content, if indeed a scanty visitors to your site to see the few people online and few content, I think he will not stay too long on your web site. The only thing we can do is to make the content as good as possible, and let the users who come to the website find you and find the information he is looking for, then he will give you the greatest support.

of course only good people may not be content to your website, the reason is very simple, you have no visibility, I don’t know you have such a good website, this is we started the promotion, promotion methods people talk a lot, but here I am also simple to say that our the website is how to promote.

one, write soft Wen, Baidu and Google quickly included

We first consider the

should be the first to submit a search engine to our website, in order to seduce the fastest Baidu spider to our site, I made a few soft text to the Admin5 website and then reproduced to each big blogs and forums, the effect is very obvious soon to be included in Baidu and Google. Google included faster than Baidu in two days do not know what the reason is, oh, this is not included in our discussion.

two, study website statistics, clear traffic source

what we have to do every day is to study the statistics of our websites, see where people come in, where they go and what time they stay on. This will help us find what people need, and make it easier for us to adjust the content of the website. It is very helpful for the long-term development of our website. We must persevere.

three, a large number of links to attract spiders and traffic

increase the number of external links, we naturally in each big blog and Forum promotion to bring out your links that would be invisible to your site a massive increase in the chain and not little flow, as long as there will be a collection > persevere


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