Be wary of high price advertising or the temptation of an alliance

as a webmaster, use a website to make money, sometimes I really feel very tired, does not flow, it is difficult to pull people to basic monthly, managed to put some time advertising, found deduction amount, more than money, the heart is very helpless to make money this year! Is not easy, these advertisers is really than a black


some time ago, some people want to put some high priced advertising on my website, which is more attractive. Ten thousand show 60 yuan, count, is at least two times to do other alliances, so he agreed, also put in a few months, also received the money, really good, experience also very happy! But one day, one of my friends said to me, my website has a virus, I thought it was black the check under (my computer has not installed antivirus software, so I opened, has been reported to the police), so to open the page in another antivirus software on the computer, it indicates a Trojan horse program. I was the top advertising alliance, a horse. So quickly pulled down.

maybe everyone will say, it doesn’t matter much, it’s important to make money. That’s a big mistake. Cut the crap and I’ll get to the point.

1. if you have a horse, users once, second times won’t come

2. is the most important, for a horse ", even if the search engine included, will be deleted or down right.

then I look back on this period of time I site traffic, in not before, though, I have been falling over the right of revision of the website, but for a long time, there has been no recovery (nearly half a year, generally speaking, down the right recovery period is usually 2-3 months) I have nearly half a year, has not recovered in Baidu’s traffic, directly down 80% (previously ten thousand or twenty thousand, now, thousands of) I had always been thought of the revision of the problem, want to come now, should be considered to have "horse, therefore, has regained weight; second, there is a phenomenon, is that Baidu every day I have included the web page, but only included one day, second days out, I also think I deleted the website weight low, but can now be 90% sure, because the web page is search engine that has caused the Trojans (recently I am updating the web page, Baidu has not been deleted), and before, every week Baidu update, my collection will increase, but since put the advertising alliance, each time included less and less. Speaking of this, we all understand what the problem is.


advertising is really a lesson ah, really hope that we will The loss outweighs the gain., be careful to treat this kind of high advertising; another is to remind you, when your site when problems arise, to analyze the reasons, as the search engine on your site is generally not It is without rhyme or reason. " change "



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