For those who don’t know what the garbage station is

many people say: no original content of the website is the garbage station, I do not agree with this. In my opinion, no matter what kind of site, commercial station, station has its meaning of existence, with a value of. Is just uploaded to the site, to the webmaster is also very important: passion. The ideal…… but a website has its meaning and value is not enough. Unless this site for Adsense just to satisfy their own hobbies, or learn to like.

No more

into the small profit big money project. At least I think so. The webmaster choose web site operators to make money channels I still admire. At least you have chosen for their own occupation. The webmaster (there is a conflict. With the subsequent


said a hundred website came back for a quick money space I still do not agree. The first is that the domain name, not in the registration, or choose a reliable proxy, such as webmaster nets IDC channel. It is best to register the domain name registration. The privatization of space, the best selection of flat-share space, 5 flat-share suitable for the new station.

if you choose to do a webmaster. You can accumulate a fortune in a short period of time, you can in a very short time to put his body down. The network clock clock is much faster than reality. You stay on the net longer, faster the clock pointer will turn the


what is the garbage station. Station in the webmaster dictionary. The dictionary. Do not litter garbage users actually speaking Internet users have the final decision. Now we always said garbage dumps. In fact, Baidu said the station. I very much agree with the garbage. There is now blocked Baidu Baidu to railway station the included slow. I think the webmaster is a good thing. It is also a good thing for Baidu itself. Baidu has not included is often not before long passion with Baidu included. Originally there is no garbage station, included necessary. Have you thought about.


is not the original content of the site, rely on search engines to get traffic station, I think should be of such station classification. Because of this site too much. One or two also can be, but much. The search engine development is not a good thing on the Internet. Now China users first in the world webmaster. If we continue to engage in the dumpster, continue to click cheating. I want to Chinese the Internet after 10 years will not necessarily surpass other countries. Countries China the largest population. In addition to foreign-funded enterprises was dry, what else to do. China users or ah. It is China webmaster by foreign alliance kill a lot of.

what is the garbage station. Station in the webmaster dictionary. Not in the Internet Dictionary. (just where heard.) for Internet users, for their useful site is good standing. The film is rubbish station station? Take a Marcos movie station program to change, if the style of interface energy let users accept the domain name, easy to remember, the film updates faster, speed target resource quality pass. This is not garbage station. This is good, nice.


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