The stationmaster loves his body and begins by reducing the boredom of irrigation

people who do web work spend hours all day dealing with computers, and most of them are online except when they eat and sleep. Website update, bubble forum, look at the news, in short, you can pass the time on the Internet, but time is always too soon, one day later to know, not much to do today, most of the time wasted on pointless diving.

‘s ideal state of life is to work 8 hours a day, sleep 8 hours, 8 hours to eat, communicate, walk, deal with the mess in life. Although, the person’s life 1/3 of the time is spent in sleep in some pity, but if there is no good physical condition, how to ensure the efficient completion of daily work? To maintain a good physical condition is modaobuwukanchaigong, are healthy. Why do big


but many owners did not understand this truth, when young, take the body to make money every day, sleep time is not more than 4 hours, day and night to fight on the network or website, or diving, has formed the habit of daily habits without rest, short sleep habits on the network communication.

webmaster network article "webmaster health survey of the five common diseases", fatty liver, cervical spondylosis, neurasthenia, autism and so on are common diseases of the webmaster. For a long time to contact the network, there is no spare time to relax the body and spirit, it is easy for the body to accumulate all kinds of diseases, although it can not be seen for a while, but the impact is long-term. Arranging your time properly, and reducing your time on the Internet and diving is an important way to improve your health.

often active in a forum, diving in the major forums of the webmaster, may dive is just fun, and did not bring actual results. For example, some people in the A5 forum cash mission orders, began to work after receiving the task on time, to each other, through the forum to bring economic benefits for themselves, rather than long-term active in the forum, diving, but no harvest. The forum is the place which exchanges each other, if the exchange has not produced the effect, but has delayed for a very long time, even formed relies on, was not worth the candle. I believe that Wang Wang’s intention to establish A5 forum is also to provide communication for everyone, but not indulge in this, read a few articles, send a few posts, and then leave, start new work. The forum is only a communication station, not a amusement park. After adding dry food, it should continue on the road.

whether it is A5 forums or other communication platforms, communication is the goal, and it is the right way to move on after the problem has been solved. Do not take the diving forum as fun. After all, the time is limited. If the diving time is too long, it will be meaningless. Webmaster time is precious, should not waste time on meaningless irrigation and diving, a little more thinking, more rest, a little more into the real life, may be better way. Reasonable arrangements for time, reduce boredom, improve work efficiency is the most critical.



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