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can directly buy ready-made code

makes a website and then goes to other countries and expects foreigners to like it and use it. We call it "website export", so the website won’t be in chinese. However, in addition to language and the knowledge of setting up websites, the biggest obstacle for ordinary people is that they do not know what websites will be popular with foreigners. In other words, it is a cultural barrier.

in addition, even if you think of a good idea, how to start it is a big problem. The average person is probably not able to write unless he is a programmer. Hire a programmer to write? It sounds This is a big problem. budget is the problem. Get a company to do that? It’s really big. After the website is written, still should popularize, all sorts of problems make a person how to do not know how to start.

if there are already some programs written by foreigners, how about buying them directly?

the author wrote his second English websites during the lunar new year. Due to limited capacity, it took about $500 to buy three sets of off the shelf programming components (Microsoft ActivX), which are directly located in the web site under development. Many people probably never thought of buying ready – to – use code. In fact, there’s a lot of buying code in foreign countries, and buying behavior is common.

these code from the discussion area, customer service systems, order systems, content management and search engines, classified advertising and so on a variety of, and even find free open source software. Downloading or buying these software changes is faster than building it from scratch, and requires less technical knowledge. For example, the author will not PHP, but it is not a problem to edit PHP code.

looking for free / paid code resources, you can use the following similar keywords search:

, free, search, engine, scripts

directory scripts

just add scripts to the type of program you want to search for. In general, great opportunities will be found in foreign BBS or forums where people are asking about the kind of code, which is better, and the like. A closer look at the discussion on the web will help you get the appropriate code, or find a place to download free code.

The direct purchase of foreign websites

simply, the code you buy must also be modified or applied to the code you are writing. It’s still an obstacle for people who don’t even know how to modify the program. Well, is it possible to buy some foreign websites directly?. Don’t to do a website and exported to abroad and demanding, foreigners do not buy directly with


what? Buy foreign websites!


this >


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