Entrepreneurial intention to subvert others Watch out for your own house of cards

if you have not heard of Theranos, then, I believe that after reading this article, you will be very difficult to forget the story of the start-up companies in the field of health care.

one, start-up companies in the board of directors almost unprecedented lineup

if the start-up company’s board of directors is a tycoon club, I’m afraid no one will feel exaggerated.

October 16, 2015, the Wall Street journal published the article opened the media questioned the feasibility and accuracy of the startup blood test technology, then the media will immediately focus on the luxury board company’s lineup, a number of media disclosure of the month the startup is a member of the board of directors list:


rough statistics, you can know the director of this start-up companies will then have six luxurious degree: the former government and ministerial level officials, two former military leaders, two leaders of the business community, two company’s management; member of the board of directors only two medical college graduates, and two directors have medical background in which is a former U.S. senator, and for many years without practice, that is only the United States Centers for Disease Control and prevention is a former director of medical professionals.

in October 2015, after the media reported the company "down", the company will board was reorganized and compressed, the original director Schultz Kissinger and the older members of the company to the Advisory Committee and conducted a series of subsequent adjustment.

but all people are curious: how the startup can get so many heavyweight support? Someone according to the public information that Schultz, founder of Ms. Holmes met in the Hoover study by the Stanford University in July 2011, and the famous social activist and politician, Schultz became a director of the company since then in the month. The help of Schultz, this pioneering company can build the board so luxurious lineup. Reported that Schultz, Kissinger, Nunn and Sam are both researchers at the Institute of, and several other directors are also closely related to the relationship with the president of the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, the institute.

two, venture company unusual investor

and in terms of investors, the company earlier this year with other Silicon Valley startups like VC from the hands of financing, including: ATA Ventures, DFJ (de Feng Jie), Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, etc..


but later, Theranos introduced the super rich are more personal and family (including the media tycoon Murdoch and construction tycoon Riley Bechte) investment, and pre VC investors seem to the situation of the company is not very understanding, also do not have what influence. 2016 October, the pre investment Thera>

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