Xi’an happy net the first place to cooperate successfully with TV station SNS

August 22nd, Xi’an TV station (Xi’an local TV station) and Xi’an (the largest social networking platform happy net in Xi’an area SNS) successful cooperation "power service into the community", opened the Xi’an happy network and local mainstream media cooperation prelude, but also after Kaixin001 second in cooperation with the television case, and become the first case of local SNS and local TV station attractions, Xi’an happy network media cooperation will lead the whole team offensive to Xi’an Kaixin (an area of type SNS) into Chinese before ten SNS, and became the most successful area of SNS for the first China operation.


activity mapping group reports: http://s.kx029.com/space-1-do-blog-id-1802.html

always before diving in the A5, also saw a lot of great ideas on SNS operation and creative, but many effects are not obvious, is not good, but today, I want to tell you is, don’t put the eyes on the surface, there should be some creative and substantive action. Go out and cooperate with the strong, you have the opportunity to become strong.


operations Xi’an happy net is a new force in all sites in the Xi’an area, but in a short period of time, we opened up their own operation mode and method, we have successfully with local television cooperation and support from the TV station network, since the ALEXE value has reached more than 30 thousand (as before the domain name change, March), ranking haven’t come up on visitors has exceeded 2W.

for TV media, especially on the local mainstream television media, has the authority and credibility of the highest and the larger local audience (local TV audience), many webmasters can dream of things get such resources, but for Xi’an happy net, have found the best way to a TV station and cooperation: play to their strengths and compensate for their short. This is the basis and core of cooperation. It is also the only way for SNS development in the future.

, by working with television, we got:

1 site’s local credibility;

2, the best collaboration between online media and traditional media;

3, a large number of primary Internet users from the television media, and ensure that their rates of return;

4 is the old saying goes to take, first;

site pre gathered popularity attention:

believes that many webmaster of the site’s user base is a set of their own (e.g., vest etc.) are often being number ending, or very boring to go! We can not think up this way, the process itself is not right and wrong, the result can be judged Chinese! The good old saying: false is false

, but false!

do not idle much — this is a natural.


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