Talking about the experience of catering franchise network

I’ve never written this draft, recently Shouyang, so just write your own website. Today talk about catering series’ mortal site joined the network, is currently a little high PR value site, Google search " food franchise " the first website! Unfortunately, so far no money! Ha ha! This is the first white out


network name is catering catering franchise before 114, the reason for this name is very simple, did not intend to purchase a did not renew the domain name, website content involves catering management, catering franchise, food information, delicacy and so on all kinds of food information navigation. Among them, the food and beverage management information is relatively large, mainly home to do this work, not very hard to do, probably a year, and found a lot of visits, that is, no commercial value. The start of the 08 year, people began to pay attention to commercial traffic! So the impulse of the 114 to join network catering catering! I this person often impulsive, so now all the sites in the hands of 09 years from the new impulse. It’s also time for you to lose your money and sweat yourself,


is more focused on catering to join! Of course, if the site for team work, should be the first, but because he was lazy, and started on the new site, simply busy, so take the "catering to join" information is free strategy! The heart want to always have a lazy, RBI the results you engage in advertising! Catering franchise company is to save money, or others, to me such a small site wouldn’t! Then again, there is no effect of my psychological bottom! "Catering to join" "restaurant franchise" similar search in front of me. I’m also lazy to go advertising. Let them free,


there is a small episode, the implementation of free soon, trouble, do not know what to eat is not engaged in the promotion of explosives, information in mass, also a message in the same site, different column constantly! Mortal treat everyone is fair, then I will delete me! I was very lazy. Delete me, just angrily, the website has deleted — so that the impulse is the devil! In 09 years to do this station! I deleted site is always without considering the consequences, and cause N death even in Baidu (human N site deleted N, in the search engine result N even more dead, also caused some websites have been pulled into the blacklist Baidu) on that small advertising revenue will not, so do I do catering to join network began to drink Rice porridge! It is summer –

free strategy is not used, and then use the charge model, a monthly salary of 100, 1000 a year! He has no one to advertising! Anyway, I continue to lazy — dog can not eat shit!


really don’t have anything to talk about. My idea is simple. Someday, my own or my own family is in the restaurant business. If no one comes to advertise on this website, I’ll do all my own


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