Why do micro blog UC and 360 work together to build a self media platform a new ecosystem

lead: micro-blog UC and 360 purpose is to try to complete the whole media ecology, ecological construction from the media platform, and the ecological structure is stable since the media need to wait for the test of time.

yesterday, micro-blog, UC and 360, the Three Party announced that it will create a joint platform from the media, this is the WeChat public platform, Sohu news client, hundreds of Baidu, today’s headlines after another big media platform. The contention from the media platform is growing, and this is a good thing for the media, people and readers.

why tycoons love from the media

at first WeChat’s public platform inadvertently became a main position from the media platform, Baidu saw the influence from the media after the incorporation of a large number of outstanding 100 decisive line the author, while at the same time as the APP news headlines today and Sohu have also launched from the media platform, micro-blog, UC and six months after the three parties reached 360 want to build a consensus from the media ecology platform. A lot of people can’t figure out why the giants are so fond of the media themselves,

simply speaking, this is a market opportunity brought about by the maturity of the reader’s market. As life becomes better and better, the public’s thirst for information is becoming more and more exuberant, especially in the mobile Internet era. The public has received information from newspapers and magazines to micro-blog, friends and clients. Readers are no longer content with simple forms of reporting, but are seeking deeper reviews, analysis, and fun slots.

and these comments Tucao where the depth analysis? The editor team did not expect a huge reality, from the media team with strong writing ability, although the quality is uneven, but the reader’s taste is different, the full release from the media content production, not only to attract a large number of readers, but also by the media influence to bring the value of advertising. The platform can only do grafting readers, people from the media and advertisers can enjoy "operation".

from the media ecology: WU3 perform their duties

yesterday at the WU3 platform from the media conference, UC said "fans, entrance, realized from the media ecology, in fact, the ecological structure since various media platforms are available, but slightly different between each other. Need to add that, from the media ecology, there are links, most cases are uniformly classified as the entrance, did not explicitly mention. The flow of entry and the means of propagation are the contents of the dissemination of the one in and out, readers come in from the entrance to obtain content, and then the content will be re transmitted output.


summarizes the major media platforms from ecological architecture, as will be seen, there are other media platform for reference, WU3 from the media ecology from the beginning he very perfect.

WU3 from the media ecology is to micro-blog from the media as the main platform, UC is mainly responsible for the flow at the mobile terminal import, 360 is mainly responsible for the PC side of the drainage, the three sides of the division of labor clear


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