Wendy Grassroots webmaster presence a lot of Heroes

Wendy said: as a webmaster, a grassroots webmaster, especially a novice webmaster has just started, there are too many complaints after, there are too many grievances simmer for a long time in the heart, but there are too many no one understood, there are too many can not explain why, when there is so much more a person in the fight a lone battle……

1, encountered problems can not be resolved, very helpless. Novice webmaster problems, often use Baidu Search, or Google, if you do not want to answer, the group went in to ask everyone, but master often reluctant to answer these seemingly retarded problems, or perhaps they are really busy, sometimes had to go to the forums, but sometimes really nobody answered you, that anxious like ants on a hot pan is you, who can understand this feeling? Sometimes QQ may have a lot of so-called "expert" or people technology is really quite when, but sometimes I am just in front of his head like a half day or a Leng problem but not go, because after countless taunt, or ignore, even if they tell you, but I was very busy, and you just sentence Sanyan either scanty or equal to White asked, who is that kind of taste Can you see that,


2, the new webmaster walked a lot of detours. From the novice to the master of the master, a review of the past may feel that it is an experience, that is the accumulation of knowledge process. But the new webmaster on this detour, I feel very hard, very sad ah. Sometimes see the master copied, wise remark of an experienced person, I do not know a lot of articles just for a website or other reference Xiabian master write, experience is not their own, that fought for two months the site does not have a bit too suddenly, suddenly Dawu two months of this way is wrong and all your efforts, you fight every night until 1 o’clock time and energy, you give up a lot of opportunities for fun and so on, seems to have become an instant – white. What is called grievance, what want to jump off a building, believe everybody understood…… $%#*&

3, there are too many why?. The new owners do, really care about Baidu, this time is not easy to get a little bit of website optimization experience from the master there is silence in the night for you are pleased with oneself, until 12 when you feel very value, Baidu quietly changed the algorithm, internal adjustment has been made, your site suddenly ran from second page 100 page not found, you may sink into a chair and sighed had no idea. "Why, why, how, why, why?" you ask why, but no one answers you……

4, a person found little fight a lone battle. Novice webmaster often does not have too many friends there is no master, expert advice one or two, only one night in the middle of the night was still in front of the computer work, a person can only go up slowly, slowly groping research, spent a lot of time, energy and effort, but the harvest is scanty, and even more to do.

5, no support!


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