Webmaster log novice webmaster should not impatient impatient

as a novice webmaster, especially as a rookie like I do befuddles, first to set the mentality, the site was built, that they are cattle, may also explain himself lucky, the website is not done well, do not worry, after all we Cobain turned network engineers learned three or four as long as the years, devote themselves to learning, not give up tenacity, success is the

point the day and await for it

says this is not to tell you that as long as you have the time, you will be successful,

novice webmaster avoid impatience, a lot of people on the site at the beginning, always complain that no traffic, even to spend money to buy traffic, in fact, I do not agree to buy traffic, a website to operate it, the key lies in he has many loyal fans, who bought the flow, just as trassient as a fleeting cloud will not bring. What a substantial benefit to you, even for a short time. You see the benefits of the site, but you can’t have to spend money to buy traffic, we originally intended to open a website, in addition to do something of interest, there is a large part of our station to some day in the future can be profitable, then he is also doing a dream of earning large quantities of gold each day began the road of the site

The most active

website is a website at the beginning of the line for two or three days, every day busy propaganda website, exchange chain, but found it very tired, your life is not a long-term solution, we can’t give up for a website, after all, he is still on the no confidence, self has more courage to give up their will successful career full-time to do a website, and then began to think in the way, not to let themselves be captured again to your website, the website message out, in fact, soft Wen is a very good method, summed up his past experience, to reflect on their own time, and can provide some references for later, to dare not say, because there is no shortcut, you see how to use, how to see gold from

now I was still a novice webmaster, but has not just started so impatience, not to make snap to reform the website, do you do not even know their website will locate a what nature, not to mention the visitors who read your website, the website precious is the back, after the positioning of their own website, to the site every day to update the content, certainly not a big shake, just to let you know the search engine, which is a pool of water, so that they will be willing to patronize you, often if Baidu, Google are beginning to love you, that is success the day is far from?


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