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ceiling lamps friends know, ceiling lamps market development through three stages, the first with a listing on the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving was hot rush, when the market sales, production can not keep up, Xidingdeng enterprise of the most moist time, but after several rounds of baptism, some brands the ceiling began to occupy a major share of the market, small businesses face out, however, to the age of the Internet, small businesses also see hope, now lamps market has entered a more intense competition, we grab the cake "era. It can be said that the Internet has given enterprises the opportunity to display their own, and for enterprises, how to seize this opportunity, determines the future direction of the enterprise.


establish its own website, is the foundation of the Internet marketing of the dome light industry, and some enterprises directly in Tmall, Jingdong mall opened shops, direct sales. Enterprises in production, sales to a large number of orders for the better, if you focus on a client, then for the enterprise, no order, no mass production, will be caught in a vicious spiral, and through the website marketing find customers, through large orders, allow enterprises to focus in the production and development of new products, to be able to continue to grow their own, improve the quality of products.

access to the user through the website, so in the site definition should be based on the marketing website, as a marketing website, the website construction needs to satisfy three elements: one is consistent with search engine optimization, two is the user experience to do a good job, the three is to have a complete website evaluation system. And in these three elements, the user experience occupies an important position, how does the ceiling marketing enterprise website do a good job of user experience?

for the traditional enterprise Xidingdeng, generally there are certain groups of customers, and on-line website for Internet promotion to get new customers, there is relationship between the old and new customers, for enterprises to old customers habits, attention, for the ceiling purchase behavior analysis then, to find common ground for website construction and promotion. The user experience is constantly explored in practice summed up the Internet and traditional marketing channels are different, but in the end is the interaction between people and people, so do not blindly believe what viral marketing, to customers as a fool, intends to purchase the product to the user from the decision process to purchase products need a research and decision making and this decision factors are very complicated, sometimes a friend recommended to buy, sometimes on the Internet search for a long time before deciding to buy business, good user experience, is to grasp the users of this complex mentality of comprehensive consideration, targeted, can make web site to achieve the purpose of marketing.

then, specific implementation, the ceiling industry to do a good job user experience,


first, enterprises should have credibility,

the so-called credibility, in fact, for a formal enterprise is a simple yet


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