Problems in hospital websites in the medical industry three

the problems existing in the hospital websites in the medical industry have already been discussed in the past two years. Today we will talk about the more important points. Hospital website articles exist problems, this involves more factors, the hospital market, team personnel configuration, and the hospital site editor is qualified, whether there is a certain writing skills.

into the topic, the article reprinted is now a lot of hospitals every day to do, take other people’s articles change, casually update like. The article will be other people’s hospital information into their own, remove the other party in the article to join hyperlinks, and then become their own articles.

also has some hospitals advocating originality, but the original text is often not 150 words. This kind of original is mostly for the sake of SEO, and the article is extremely lack of readability, content is bad to die. See below.


The above

to SEO and modify or write articles, in each hospital website is very common, if you look at this article to a visitor’s point of view, you will think this is a good article? Has practical significance for you? Is not from A to Z praised himself, praise yourself? It is also a problem statement, the fluency of the poor.

if you think enough of their professional hospital, the authority, so would you come up with your identity to the real SEOer, when writing an article, there will not be any traces for SEO.

, as in Figure 1, this article, even though the volume of visits is high, I don’t think there’s any benefit in building a brand, and the patient won’t be spending any time with your article. Because you didn’t give any guest a reason to choose you in this article.

someone here will say, the website article is written, who consulted?. In fact, otherwise, we reverse thinking, your website on the article you do not understand, I Xin world with what choose you ah, you which professional,


own hospital website, is its own brand window, please give customers professional and not with any praise their colour paper (rich in scientific knowledge, but also easy to read, grasp the customer psychology into the article), as for your marketing soft, or is this pure SEO article, please be a self "the third party website. Don’t influence your brand because of an article. The money of a third party website, you dare say you don’t have


articles are not worth drawing, which is also a problem with many hospital organizations. As far as Chinese browsing habits are concerned, picture browsing is much more enjoyable than pure text browsing. You can ask yourself, your love is love to see pictures or look at the text, you are not love to see some words with pictures combined with the contents of the world? If symplectic blogger only text, I believe that you can’t go on.

There are too many articles in

, and this is also a problem


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